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We are a new lab and thus are actively recruiting for all positions.


There are several available positions open within the lab. Interested applicants should have a background in RNA biology, stress response, biochemistry, or cell biology. There are multiple potential research topics that are funded and only need motivated individuals to begin work. These include regulation of rRNA processing and modification during stress, activation of stress responsive nucleases, and mechanisms of translational regulation. Interested applicants should contact Shawn and provide a CV along with a cover letter describing your career goals.    


Rotation spaces are available to those interested in uncovering how your cells deal with stress. Current students should contact Shawn to setup a time to discuss research projects and goals. Prospective graduate students should apply to Boston University through the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PiBS)


A position for a long-term research associate is available mid-October 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter. Initial responsibilities will be primarily devoted toward his/her own research project with some general lab housekeeping tasks (e.g., upkeep on equipment, freezers, incubators, etc.). Ideally, more responsibilities will be given in time to help maintain the growing lab (e.g., ordering, training new members, scheduling). Interested applicants should contact Shawn and provide a CV. 

Open Positions: Open Positions
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